How to reset the ship to reconnect in case of status=error ?

The following article explains in detail how to reset BlazeMeter's on premise ship (agent) in case of getting an 'Error' status according to the BlazeMeter Private on premise location GUI.

To reset the instance you can reset the supervisor service by running:

$ sudo service supervisor restart 

The supervisor services are used to supervise two constantly running processes that are needed for a healthy ship setup: opcd and aegir.

opcd is the service that controls the ship communication with the docker daemon and the BlazeMeter web app. It must be on and working in order receive commands from the BlazeMeter web app. 

aegir is the autoupdate software that is used for downloading the latest docker images that are used for the load generators. It must be on to receive the latest JMeter software with the latest plugins that are needed for several new features like the pause-resume or the RPS real time control. 

Each process that is managed by the supervisor service has a separate configuration file on the /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ directory. For example the ocpd daemon uses a configuration file located on /etc/supervisor/conf.d/opcd.conf  

Each such process can be managed individually by the supervisorctl command. For example to stop the opcd process use the following command:

sudo supervisorctl stop opcd 
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