SAML 2.0 based SSO Set Up

Single Sign On (SSO) allows a user to log in to multiple systems via a single portal.

The advantage of setting up SAML 2.0 based enterprise logins using this approach is that members do not need to initially sign up to the service or login with additional passwords. Furthermore, it ensures that all the members of your organizations will be able to enjoy BlazeMeter while the organization's admin will have full control over who will not be able to log in and use it.

In order to set up SAML 2.0 based SSO for your organization, you must obtain a SAML certificate that identifies the SSO login URL (and logout URL) for your organization. The other types of information required for SSO integration will vary depending on the SAML service provider being used.

Please approach an Identity Provider of your choice (OneLogin/PingOne/etc.) and collect the following data (In certain cases like with 'PingOne' you will need to download a metadata file and extract the data from there):

  1. X.509 Certificate
  2. SSO Endpoint
  3. SLO (single Logout) Endpoint
  4. entityID

There are two additional options that are not mandatory, but can be set as well:

  1. Automatically register new users to BlazeMeter
  2. Automatically add these users to a specific workspace

To enable the above, you should specify in your e-mail that you would like new users to automatically be registered to BlazeMeter and provide us with the Workspace ID that the users will be automatically assigned to.

Once we will receive the above-mentioned information, we will process them on our backend and will provide you with metadata which you'll be asked to configure on your end.

That's it!

In the case of any implications, you are welcome to approach



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