How to open a support ticket?

  1. In BlazeMeter, Click on the 'Question mark' icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on 'Contact Support'.
  3. A widget will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Please specify what is it we can help you with.
  4. We will provide the top Knowledge Base articles which you might find helpful regarding your query.
  5. If you still require further assistance, by hitting the 'Leave us a Message' button you will be opening a new panel to create and send a support ticket.

your name and Email address is already included. 

All you have to do is add the information required regarding your issue/query.

Please Notice:

We will receive the URL of the exact page in which you were at when opening this ticket, so if you are referring to a specific test/session, it's best to open the ticket while viewing that report so we will get its URL automatically and have the perfect reference for your issue.


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