How to Create an On-Premise Environment (Harbor)

A Harbor is a logical container on the BlazeMeter end that establishes a Private Location that will contain one or more “Ships” (servers running BlazeMeter agents) on your end. You can have multiple Harbors in your account, and each will define a unique “location” to choose when running tests.

  1. Log into your BlazeMeter account and click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen, then select the relevant Workspace, and click on 'Settings'.Then click on 'Workspaces' => 'Private Locations'.
  2. Click on the 'add new Private Location' button.
  3. Fill out the fields to configure your Harbor.

Basic configuration:

  • Name: Give your Private Location a meaningful name. Users will see this name in the Location list when configuring tests.
  • Type: There are 2 Harbor types:
  1. 'Load - single engine' - Each 'Ship' will be a dedicated instance, playing the role of either a console or engine for a single test. BlazeMeter will automatically designate one Ship to act as console for each group of 14 servers needed by a test. All tests in this type of Harbor will always require at least two Ships (one console + one engine).
  2. 'CI - multi engine' - Every 'Ship' in this 'Harbor' can have multiple slots in it, where each slot can independently run a single 'console only' test. This is a good option for CI processes where frequent small tests need to be run simultaneously. The number of separate parallel tests each Ship in this harbor can run is controlled by the Slots parameter found in the Advanced settings.

Advanced configuration:

  • Users: 
    • Load - single engine: The total number of VU's that can be run on each Ship.
    • CI - multi engine: The number of VU's that can be run on each Slot
  • XMS: XMS specifies the initial memory allocation pool for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • XMX: XMX specifies the maximum memory allocation pool for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Slots: The number of separate parallel tests each ship is allowed to run (applies to CI - multi engine only)

Example Create a private location dialogs:

  • Example of “Load – single engine” dialog with Advanced options displayed:
  • Example of “CI – multi engine” dialog with Advanced options displayed:

That's it! You should be able to see your Harbor in your Private Locations list, which is under the 'Private Locations' configuration in the Workspace settings.

​​Return to the 'Private Locations' article.


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