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With BlazeMeter, you can view the test results in real-time while your test is still running! Haven’t started your test yet? Click here for our ‘how-to’ guides on setting up and running tests.

In this article, I’m going to cover our main load test report, the KPIs that you can measure and its' useful features.

Report link

The Blazemeter Load Report can be viewed by clicking the Reports icon on the top navigation bar and selecting a report to view. Then Clicking on the Load Report tab.


At the top of the graph, you can see a section named ‘Labels’. This refers to the labels that you gave to your http requests when setting up the test. You can either choose to view the data related to all of the labels or select specific ones.

Now take a look underneath the graph for a full list of KPIs (if you can’t see it, close the system log window). As you can see, you can view statistics according to the number of users, response time, latency, KB/S, or Hit/S just by clicking on the KPI that you want to view. You can also choose to view the graph in minutes or seconds and select whether you want to see the minimum, average or maximum response times.


Load Results - Quick Glossary

Here’s what each of these KPIs mean:

  • USERS shows how many virtual users are currently active.
  • RESPONSE TIME is the time from first bit sent to the network card to the last byte received by the client.
  • LATENCY is the time from sending the request, processing it on the server side, to the time the client received the first byte.
  • KB/S (Kilobytes per second) is the average bandwidth consumption kilobytes per second that’s generated by the test.
  • HITS/S (Hits per second) is the number of HTTP/s requests per second that are generated by the test.

​Other Tabs


  • MINUTES/SECONDS This allows you to choose whether you’d like to view your KPIs in minutes or seconds on the graph
  • MIN/AVG/MAX MIN This shows the shortest time that it takes the KPIs you’ve selected (i.e. if you’ve chosen latency, it will show you the minimum latency time)
  • AVG This shows the average time that it takes the KPIs you’ve selected (i.e. if you’ve chosen latency, it will show you the average latency time)
  • MAX This shows the longest time it takes the KPIs you’ve selected (i.e. if you’ve chosen latency, it will show you the maximum latency time)


Drilling down the graphical report

Zoom In: Zoom in on a specific time period to view your results in a finer resolution. To do this, just highlight the precise time period that you want to view in more detail, release your mouse and we’ll show you the data that you want.


Want to learn more about BlazeMeter test results? You'll want to view our on-demand recording, Load Test Like a Pro 
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