Excluding Certain Domains from the Load Test

All too often, you may want to exclude certain domains from the load test. 

For example: Google Analytics, Doubleclick, Etc. There can be a number of reasons you might want to exclude these domains:


  1. These domains generally do not permit load testing
  2. They can block the traffic
  3. This traffic can distort your funnel measurements (e.g.  you may not want to have the traffic appear as part of your Google Analytics data)
  4. Other (insert your reason here)
To exclude domains, you need to follow this procedure:
  1. In Jmeter, in the HTTP sampler, Enable the checkbox: 'Retrieve All Embedded Resources'.
  2. Add the following RegEx to the edit box named 'URLs must match'
^((?!<domain #1>|<domain #2>|<domain #3><domain #4>|<domain #5>).)*$


Want to learn more? You'll want to view our on-demand recording, How to Create Advanced Load Testing Scenarios with JMeter

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