What IPs are sending the traffic

Please find the available CIDRs (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) for the IPs that BlazeMeter uses.


Downloadable list in JSON format

GCE (Google Compute Engines):

Execute the following command in your command line shell:

dig @ +short txt | sed 's/"//g; s/ip4://g; s/ip6://g;' | tr ' ' '\n' | grep include | cut -d ':' -f2 | xargs dig @ +short txt | sed 's/"//g; s/ip4://g; s/ip6://g;' | tr ' ' '\n' | grep '/'

For more information please refer to this page in Google Cloud docs.


Downloadable list via this link (XML format).

Sandbox IPs:

The sandbox location has 2 dedicated IPs:



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