How do I upgrade and downgrade plans?

You can upgrade, downgrade or change plans at any time. 

For example, if you are on the BASIC plan but need higher capacity, you can opt to upgrade to our PRO PLUS plan. If you were on the HI-VOLUME plan but you project has ended and you need less capacity, you can downgrade to the BASIC plan.

So, how does it work?

If you are mid your monthly cycle and need an immediate  capacity upgrade, then you will be upgraded and charged for the new plan mid cycle but the credits from your original tier will NOT be carried over.

You cannot have 2 simultaneous plans or varying levels of credit capacity.

If you upgrade or downgrade for the FOLLOWING cycle, then you can use all your current credits until the new cycle and plan begins the following month (your billing date will remain the same). Again, the credits from the prior tier will not be carried over into the new plan.>You can make these changes at anytime.


How do I upgrade or downgrade?

Login to your account. Then in the footer, click on 'Invoices, Payments and Subscriptions.




Here you will see your subscription status. To upgrade or downgrade, simply press on 'Change Plan' and select the new plan that you want.



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