The test worked yesterday but not today

If your BlazeMeter script worked fine yesterday but today when you tried to run it again - it failed, the probable cause for this behavior could be as mentioned - along with their solution:

  • Due to static data in your request body that are related to time beyond 24 hours or Calendar days - Parametrize the script
  • Your target site is temporary down - Check site status before running a test
  • Change in protocol or URL of your target site from that recorded in your script - Check the protocol in script and change to working one if required
  • Low or no network connectivity - Check your internet connectivity, direct or proxy connections
  • The data in CSV file are one time and are already used - Change the CSV file with fresh working data set or edit your script to use functions to change data in required format
  • Regular Expression not working due to change in site code - Debug your script in JMeter, use Regular Expression tester from the 'view result tree' listener and update RegEx where required
  • Check the jmeter-console0.log file (Browse to specific Test Reports -> Logs -> jmeter-console0.log Tab -> Click Download link) check for warning and error type messages - Try to resolve the error based on details mentioned in log file
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