• Tests are counted per test, not per minute or per hour. Please note that each test takes a couple of minutes to start up and spin down. An hour long test will runs approximately 55 minutes long, plus time to start up and shut down.
  • If for whatever reason a test failed to run (for example, an error in a user uploaded script) or generate a report (tests need to run for at least 2 minutes to generate a report) the test will not be deducted from your test credits.
  • If the test is mistakenly counted against your test credits, just let us know and we’ll refund your credits.
  • If you're mid way through your monthly cycle and need an immediate capacity upgrade, then you will be upgraded and charged for the new plan mid cycle but the credits from your original tier will NOT be carried over or refunded.
  • If you upgrade or downgrade for the FOLLOWING cycle, then you can use all your current credits until the new cycle and plan begins the following month (your billing date will remain the same). Again, the credits from the prior tier will not be carried over into the new plan.
  • If you have further questions regarding Refunds, Please contact Support and add a bluesnap account refrence number or relevant Invoice number.
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