BlazeMeter's Integration With AppDynamics

AppDynamics is a software analytics company which offers performance management solutions enabling developers to diagnose and fix application performance problems in real time.

Using BlazeMeter’s integration with AppDynamics, developers can easily monitor their application performance levels while load testing it. BlazeMeter users can now easily incorporate key performance metrics from AppDynamics into their test scenarios to more quickly identify hot spots in the system under test. 

Not only are you able to view your application monitoring data alongside your user-experience and performance data, but this data is accessible for you even after the test has ended.


  • In case you are using AppDynamics' on-premise solution, the BlazeMeter account to be integrated with AppDynamics will require a BlazeMeter private agent installed with network access to the AppDynamics console. The private agent will communicate with AppDynamics' console to retrieve the list of available applications and metrics and then transmit the data you choose to our back-end during tests.
  • If you are using AppDynamics cloud console, BlazeMeter will use its own servers to communicate with AppDynamics, hence no on-premise agents will be required.

Setting up the Integration

You’ll find AppDynamics integration as an option on the test configuration page for a new or existing BlazeMeter test.
First you will have to integrate your AppDynamics account's details by entering the required details.Most details are obtained from AppDynamics, however the 'Ship ID' is your on-premise location's (OPL) ship ID and can be obtained from the OPL's dashboard.After connecting the AppDynamics account, you will have to create a profile (preset). Once saved, you will be able to use it in your following tests. While configuring the profile, you will choose the metrics you would like BlazeMeter to grab during the load test and present it via BlazeMeter's visual reports and correlate to the performance KPIs.

After running the test with the AppDynamics profile configured, you will be able to plot AppDynamics KPIs in BlazeMeter's timeline report. Notice the AppDynamics KPIs in the KPIs tree.

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