How To Configure Ultimate/Stepping Thread Groups Scenario

When using a standard Thread Group, Blazemeter overrides the Thread Group's configuration of 'Threads', 'Iterations', 'Rampup' and 'Duration'. Unfortunately that is not the case when using an Ultimate/Stepping Thread Group.

In order for your scenario to work with Ultimate/Stepping Thread Group, please configure Blazemeter’s test configuration page as follows:

  • Threads - Uncheck this scroller. 
  • Engines - Set as many Engines you require. See further instructions below.
  • Iterations - Uncheck this scroller. 
  • Rampup - Uncheck this scroller. 
  • Duration - Set the maximum duration of the test as expected according to the Ultimate/Stepping thread group configuration. It is advised to add a few minutes to it, e.g the Thread Group is configured to run for 30 minutes, then set the duration to 35 minutes.

Multiple Engines Scenario

Please note that if you will try to run a multi engine test, e.g 2000 Concurrent Users, using 5 load engines, you will require to adjust the ‘Threads' values in your Ultimate/Stepping Thread Group to be 1/5 their current values. e.g set the Ultimate/Stepping Thread Group to load up to 400 threads. If not, each engine will run 2000 threads, which will eventually result in the crash of the engines or massive overload on your app server side - which ever comes first.

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