The Panic API Button

The Panic API button allows you to immediately terminate all the sessions that are currently running.

Many organizations need to run large scale tests. But it's vital that these large scale tests are carefully planned, taking into consideration the test configuration, timings, and the status of the target servers. Sometimes these tests are initiated without certain aspects being taken into consideration (for example: executing a large scale test on the production environment at peak traffic hours) which can lead to a costly downtime.

For this reason, we created the Panic API to virtually kill all running sessions at once.

This procedure is the same as terminating a test rather than shutting it down gracefully. This means that the test's JTL file will be discarded and the will not be generated. 

After you enter the above API URL in the browser's address bar, you'll see the following link:

If you press this link, you'll terminate all live sessions that currently running on the account you've logged into.

Please Note: This procedure will only work on sessions using AWS servers.

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