Hosts Override

With BlazeMeter, you can control the “hosts” file of the launched engines. As a result, you're able to add additional local DNS entries as if you were editing the hosts file locally. This feature allows you to provide a permanent DNS resolution for certain DNS names. This can reduce the number of times BlazeMeter calls on your DNS for name resolution. Also, if you have a JMeter script, you won’t need to change your script in order to redirect the load between your staging and your production environments.

Just enter the host/IP pairs into the test panels. These will be added to each server "hosts" file. This form will replace the /etc/hosts file of each engine participating in the load test.

Common use cases include testing a server with a different IP under a specific domain name, or testing with a local DNS list (e.g. /etc/hosts) rather than a DNS server.  

How to Add the Hosts Details

  1. Create a new test using the 'Add test' tab or open an existing test.
  2. Expand the 'Hosts Override' section.
  3. Specify the required data; your IP address and Host/Domain details. Now click the 'apply' button.
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