JMeter Versions


BlazeMeter moves quickly to support the latest JMeter version yet maintains support for past JMeter versions as well. It's a good idea to use the latest stable version of JMeter on your local computer to create your test scripts, but BlazeMeter makes it easy to support other versions when needed.

BlazeMeter will automatically choose the Apache JMeter™ version according to your script. If you choose to, you can override that version by selecting a different version from the dropdown menu. JMeterVersionsDropdown-3.2-50pct.png

JMeter Versions Supported by BlazeMeter

Here's a list of the JMeter versions supported by BlazeMeter: 

  • 3.3
  • 3.2
  • 3.1
  • 3.0
  • 2.13
  • 2.12 BlazeMeter
  • 2.11
  • 2.11 BlazeMeter
  • 2.10
  • 2.9
  • 2.8


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