Uploading Files & Shared Folders

Uploading Files

Multiple files are required for the successful execution of a load test.

With BlazeMeter, you have a central location to upload the files.

First Time Uploading Files in a Test

You can upload files while configuring your test by clicking the upload files section entitled: "Upload Your Jmeter Scripts, CSV and/or JAR files".

  • All the files in your account are downloaded to the remote JMeter servers at the beginning of each test.
  • During the test, the files in your account are synchronized every few minutes.
  • You cannot delete files during the load test. Files can be deleted only once the test has ended or before it has started.
  • Please make sure all files are synchronized before you terminate your test session.

Limitations on File Names

  • File names should include only alphanumeric characters, underscores or hyphens: [0-9],[aA-zZ],[_-].
  • File names should always include an extension.
  • File Names CANNOT include Spaces.

For example:

  • A file name: “my_file_no_4.csv” – is good.
  • A file name: “m$ file&” – is bad.

Limitations on File's content

BlazeMeter cannot read files containing non-ASCII characters. Please make sure non-ASCII are removed before uploading and starting the test.

Affecting the Speed of the Test

  • All files are downloaded to all of the remote servers each and every time a test starts.
  • A test will not start and the JMeter console will not be accessible before all of the files are downloaded.

For example: if you have uploaded numerous large files, it may take few minutes for them to download and the test cannot start until this download is completed.


Shared Folders

Users can now manage a 'Shared Folders' space, in which data files and scripts can be uploaded and then used in any test configuration.

Any new folder that is defined through the folder subscription interface can be used by any test configuration that subscribes to this folder.

All subscribed folders will be downloaded to each of the servers participating in a test run. To use a data file from one of the subscribed folders, just prefix the file name with the name of the folder and a slash ("/").

Subscribe and upload the files

Let's say you want to have the below folder structure accessible to all of your test configurations:

Folder One

'- file11.csv

'- file12.jmx

Folder Two

'- file21.csv

'- file22.jmx

To accomplish this, follow this procedure:

  1. Define the folders
  2. Upload the files
  3. Subscribe to the folders you want to use in the test configuration by clicking the green tick*

*In general, you can have dozens of folders that accommodate hundreds of test configurations.

Here's a common use case: Only a few folders  are required for a certain test configuration. We don't need or want to have all the folders downloaded to all of our servers during the test. Therefore, only the folders you've specifically subscribed to are downloaded to the test during the run time.

Just use the folder subscription interface on top of the file browsing widget:

Selecting a Script File for the Current Test

Assuming we've subscribed to the two folders, we will then see the two scripts available for selection as our main script.

Define Path Within the Script for Additional Files

These folders will now be available to any test configuration that subscribes to them.

To select a JMX file as the main script, simply select it from the list. To use any of the data files in the script, simply use the following path in the script: folder1/file11.csv

Unsubscribe or Delete a Folder

  1. Unsubscribe by pressing the 'tick' icon. This means that the unsubscribed folder will not download.
  2. Delete the folder altogether by pressing the 'Trash' icon.

As a best practice, please do not use special characters as part of the folder or file names (e.g. space, comma, etc.)

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