How to Install the On-premise Agent (Ship)

The following article explains how to install, uninstall, and regenerate BlazeMeter's on-premise agent on the server/instance behind your firewall.

First, make sure your server/instance meets the minimum requirements as described in this article.

Installation Process:

  1. Navigate to the Harbor where you want to create the ship: going to your Account Settings -> Workspaces -> Private Locations and choose the harbor.
  2. Choose "Add agent".
  3. Provide a name for the new Agent.

  4. An installation script will be generated - Copy the script and run it on your private engine
    NOTE: Installing the agent inside the Docker requires sufficient permissions. 
  5. Once the script has finished running, a 4GB file will be downloaded in the background.
    Download can take up to 30 minutes - during this time, the new agent will be listed in the Harbor, but will not have a heartbeat.
    Once the download has finished,  the ship will show a live heartbeat and will be available for use.



How to Uninstall/Remove Ship:

  1. Log in to the machine containing the agent you want to uninstall/remove, and run the following command to list all the containers:
    $ sudo docker ps -a
    You will see a response similar to the one below:

    54c0b773a855 blazemeter/crane "bash" 2 days ago Up 2 days 2 days ago blazemeter-crane
    You should see the status as running.

  2. If you are seeing an 'Idle' status in BlazeMeter, you will need to use the following command to stop the container:
    $ sudo docker stop <Container_ID>
    You need the container ID from the previous step to run this command, which will change the container to an 'Exited' status.

  3. Remove the <blazemeter/crane> container using the following command:
    $ sudo docker rm <Container_ID>
  4. To remove all the images for the OPL, list out all the images on the machine using the following command:
    $ sudo docker images
    You will see something like the following:

    blazemeter-quicktest 1.0.2 abb98527fac4 2 weeks ago 98.1MB 

    blazemeter-quicktest latest abb98527fac4 2 weeks ago 98.1MB 

    apm-image 1.0.10 3c76b6e3889b 2 weeks ago 263MB 

    apm-image latest 3c76b6e3889b 2 weeks ago 263MB 

    blazemeter 1.0.13 956edec5d8b1 2 weeks ago 4.05GB 

    blazemeter latest 956edec5d8b1 2 weeks ago 4.05GB 

    blazemeter/crane latest 5c8695cdfab0 4 weeks ago 709MB
  5. To remove the images, use the following command:
    $ sudo docker image rm <Image_ID_of_blazemeter-quicktest> <Image_ID_of_apm-image> <Image_ID_of_blazemeter> <ImageID_of_blazemeter/crane>
    If there is an issue with removing one or more of the images, you can use the following command to force delete it:
    $ sudo docker image rm --force <Image_ID>
  6. Finally, go to the Private Location containing this agent and click the 'Delete' button, as shown in the screenshot below:


    You will be prompted if you would like to complete this action, which you can complete by clicking 'OK'.

Regenerating a Ship:

Sometimes, you will need to regenerate a ship if something goes wrong with the initial install. The following steps describe what you will need to do:

  1. Navigate to the Private Location of the agent in question and click the 'Regenerate' button, as shown below:


    You will receive a prompt to continue, which you can complete by clicking 'OK'. You will then see another docker run command come up, similar to the one below:

    Copy this command and save in a safe place for later.
  2. Log on to the agent machine, and run the following command:
    $ sudo docker ps -a
    If you see a response that lists a <blazemeter/crane> container, then continue to next step. If you do not see a <blazemeter/crane> container, skip to Step 4.
  3. Remove the container with the following commands (the Container_ID is found from the previous steps command):
    $ sudo docker stop <Container_ID>
    $ sudo docker rm <Container_ID>
  4. Run the docker run command that was generated in Step 1, and wait a few moments for the test to give an idle status, as shown below:Ship_Ready.png
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