Timeline Report

​As soon as your test has started to collect data, the Timeline Report presents its graphs.

The Timeline report can be also viewed by clicking the 'Reports' button from the upper navigation bar, and then 'Show all Reports'.


Now, you’ll be able to see a list of all your Reports. Click on the one that you want to view. Then click on 'Timeline'.

On the left side of the screen you'll notice the KPI selection panel.
The great advantage of this report is that it enables you to view many different types of KPIs within one graph, and by doing so easily visualize certain events that might have occurred throughout the test.

Here’s what each of these KPIs mean:

  • USERS shows how many virtual users are currently active.
  • HITS/S (Hits per second) is the number of HTTP/s requests per second that are generated by the test.
  • RESPONSE TIME is the amount of time from the first byte sent to the server to last byte received at the client side.
  • LATENCY is the time from sending the request, processing it on the server side, to the time the client received the first byte.
  • BYTES/s is the average bandwidth consumption that’s generated by the test per second.
  • CONNECT TIME is the measurement of how long it takes the user to connect to the server, and the server to respond, including SSL handshake.

KPIs By Labels

In order to view KPIs by labels, e.g response time of a certain label rather than of the entire scenario, you'll have to check the 'Show labels' option.

You will now notice that the KPIs are available for every label in your test.

Want to learn more about the Timeline Report and load testing with BlazeMeter? You'll want to view our on-demand recording, Load Test Like a Pro

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