Engine Health Report

The Engine Health Report displays the performance indicators received during the test while monitoring JMeter console(s) and engine(s).

The major KPIs monitored are CPU, Memory, Network I/O and Connections

This report along with other reports are used to identify bottleneck in the application once different types of performance tests are executed.

This report would also help in proper planning and calibration of test execution to optimally utilize the available resources.

While running a test, make sure the CPU values are lower then 80% and memory levels are less then 70%.

Action to take when levels of CPU and\or Memory are to high:

1. Make sure that your script is resource effective, e.g with no enabled Listeners, redundant requests, or heavy samplers like WebDriver sampler that ca be avoided.

2. Reduce the number of users per engine.

3. Add more engines to the test.

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