Logs Report

You can view and monitor the log of each server used during the test run. Logs availability and server monitoring providing full test transparency.

By clicking on the drop down list You will be presented with all the Consoles and Engines logs as well as the At the bottom of the list you will also find the 'System log'. 

In case you are running a Multi test, the list will be sorted by the different sessions.

  1. - This ZIP file includes the JMX file that you've uploaded which has been modified by BlazeMeter while running, The JTL file which contains the results of the test run, CSVs and any additional file you might have used for that test run. Please notice, If you have terminated the test instead of Shutting it down gracefully, or perhaps the test ended prematurely in an unexpected manner, the will not be generated and so does the JTL file.
In order to download the file,  click on 'Download Link'.
  1. Multiple Log files - The detailed log of activities performed with JMeter Console and Engines on the cloud instances and can be viewed live while the test is running. If you wish to view the tail of the Log (last 30 rows of the log file) in order to look for errors or perhaps verify that everything looks in order, click on the 'View Log Tail' button. This capability is really helpful when it comes to debug tests in real time!
In this example you can see that in this engine's log tail, an error is shown that gives a better perspective on why the test has stopped.
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