Multi Test Reports

'Multi Test' reports show the aggregated reports of the entire test including all of its slaves. BlazeMeter automatically collects the load results from all the slaves and merge them to create a single report. These results can be viewed in graphical forms where user can select/deselect different metrics as required, or in any other of our reports arsenal.

This Report is useful when test requires generating huge load through distributed architecture (multiple instances).

Multi Test Report

A separate report is created for the 'Master' report page which displays aggregated load results of all the slaves combined.

Slaves Reports

After you have chosen to view the Multi Test Master Report as shown above, you will be able to find  the 'Sessions' list which will be below the 'Reports' list in the left side of the screen.

In the 'Sessions' list you will find reports for all the slaves which ran as part of the Multi Test.

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