How to make JMeter behave more like a real browser

JMeter has all the capabilities to behave like a real browser and still maintain high scalability. For this, the following config elements should be added to JMeter:

  1. cache manager to simulate the browser's cache.
  2. cookie manager to simulate the browser's cookies. 
  3. In the header manager include a user agent line. (We recommend recording from your own browser). 

    Example - Chrome on OSx 

  4. Use thread/connection pool to simulate the browser parallel fetching (use between 2-4). 
  5. Ask JMeter to retrieve embedded resources to simulate a browser retrieving embedded resources (such as gifs, css, js etc).
  6. You can also use our Chrome Extension which records JMeter scripts directly from the browser.

That's it!

Want to learn more about getting started with JMeter? You'll want to view our on-demand webcast recording, How to Make Performance Testing with JMeter Simple.

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