Running Test from Multiple Geographic Locations

When we think of load testing it is understood that we would have more then one user hitting the website.

To get the best realistic results from your load test, you should mimic the actual real time environment where the end users would be using your website.

In the present online world there is no boundaries and the users for your applications are not limited to your local area, state or country. Any one having the basic infrastructure(a computer/laptop,internet connection, any modern web browser) to work online can access your website.

Typically your users are located throughout the world, then why not load test your application in the same way!

BlazeMeter provides you with the infrastructure and ability to select your desired multiple geographical location from where you would like the load to be generated while you are performing load test against your application.

Advantages of generating load from multiple geographic locations

Here are some of the advantages of generating load from multi. geo. locations:

  • Mimic Actual End user usage pattern
  • Ability to generate unique data stream to effectively test Load Balancer or other components
  • Ability to hit server with unique request and test its processing power
  • Ability to check the effective usage of application code for features like concurrency, caching, cookie, session etc.
  • Ability to check the Memory leakage issues
  • Ability to check the effective configuration of Database server to handle incoming request, process it and send correct response
  • Maximum coverage of website usage with respect to different client network parameters
  • Ability to check the fail-over capability of the server
  • Ability to check the proper working of network architecture
  • Ability to check for requirement for scalability of existing hardware resources in different geographical locations.

How to set a load origin location in your BlazeMeter load test ?

You can choose the specific geographic location from which you wish to run your load. This selection can be modified before each run, that way you can run the same test several times and each time choose a different location in the world.

We provide the following locations as described in this article.

Best practice for selecting load origin location in your BlazeMeter tests

First you should start with testing with the nearest location from the load locations available.

Once we have run sufficient load tests and the results are in acceptable range then select the farthest server and run the same test and check the response times, see the network latency and perform any optimisation required and rerun to verify the results.

You can run load from multiple locations simultaneously by creating multiple test with different load origin location and then scheduling these tests to run at a predefined time to check the load on the test servers.

You can use the Multi Test feature to monitor and view the results from different geo. locations in one aggregated report.

You can run load from multiple locations with multiple tests with different network emulation values for maximum coverage.

To learn about the Multi Test feature, Refer to this article


Want to learn more about running BlazeMeter tests from around the world? Watch our on-demand recording, How to Make JMeter Highly Scalable and More Collaborative With BlazeMeter

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