The test works locally but not on BlazeMeter

There are various reasons why a JMeter script that is working locally fails to run through BlazeMeter.

The first and the foremost thing you should do is inspect the failed result and also check the JMeter log file.

You will get plentiful information in the log file which would help you overcome the blocking issue.

Some of the common scenarios when a locally successful test fails to run in BlazeMeter are as follows:

  • You have failed to upload all the required data file while uploading the JMeter script in BlazeMeter.
  • You have used JMeter Plugin components and have failed to upload the Plugins Jar files.
  • You have upload JMeter script with local path for CSV file in CSV Data Set Config element.
  • You have uploaded wrong combination of JMeter(.JMX file) script and data file(.CSV file).

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