BlazeMeter 3.0 FAQ

Whats new in BlazeMeter 3.0?
Everything is new. We are now offering a great new look and feel and improved user experience.
On the functionality level we have made several changes:

  • Running tests & viewing reports became simpler, more intuitive and easier.
  • Performance and response time have improved as well.

Will I be able to see my existing tests & reports in BlazeMeter 3.0?
All reports (old & new) are shown in the reports section in BlazeMeter 3.0. Old reports are marked as legacy while new reports are marked by type (JMeter, URL List).
Old tests are currently not accessible from the new user interface. You will still be able to use these tests through the existing user interface.

How to create a test? 

Please refer to this article for detailed information on creating BlazeMeter tests.

How to view & edit existing tests?

  • Click on “Tests” icon on the upper navigation bar to get to the full list of your tests.
  • Most recent tests are shown in the list however you can choose to click on 'Show All Tests'. 
  • You can locate a specific test name by using the search field.
  • Click on the desired test in the list to see the test properties in main frame on the right. Once you have completed editing the properties, don’t forget to hit the 'Save' on the top right.

How to run a test?
To run a test go to the desired test, you can run the test by clicking the play button which will appear once you hover over the test name in the test list, or by clicking the play button which is located on the top left of the right pane, above the test properties.
Where are my reports?
Click the reports icon on the upper navigation bar to access the reports list. Most recent reports are shown on top. You can locate a specific report by name using the search field.
Click on the desired report in the list to view the load report. Additional information such as statistics, errors, & log files can be accessed through the different reports. 

How much will it cost me? (cost, plans, credit limits):
You can use BlazeMeter 3.0 according to your existing Blazemeter plan, every test is one credit. You are not charged for tests which are regarded as sandbox tests.

How can I provide feedback?
Click on the support link to contact support. For feedbacks, click on the red Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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