Chrome Extension - FollowMe

The BlazeMeter Chrome extension let you test your application without prior scripting knowledge.

The extension offers two modes: Record and FollowMe

In this article we will focus only on FollowMe.

FollowMe Mode

This patent-pending technology eliminates the need for scripting. Simply browse your site and a swarm of virtual users will follow your actions.

Here are the different fields/options available - and an explanation of each:

  • Enter the Name of Test - Insert your test name here.
  • Stop - Click this button to stop the test recording.
  • Pause - Pause the test recording.
  • Export - Export the recording to a JMeter file format.
  • View Reports - View the reports in your BlazeMeter account
  • Reset - Click this to reset all settings.
  • Play - Click this button to adjust the test properties and run from the cloud.


  • Concurrency - Set the number of concurrent users you would like to be followed by. The number of concurrent users depends on the terms of your BlazeMeter plan. The number you set is the maximum number you'll be able to run during the test.
  • Load Origin - Where do you want your followers to come from? Our load servers are set around the world so you can simulate the most relevant traffic according to your needs.
  • User Agent - Select your followers’ user agent. You can choose any mobile device or web browser.
  • Single Domain to Follow - Enter the domain you’re testing. This will ensure your followers won’t be sent to irrelevant domains.

Advanced Options:

  • Disable Browser Cache - Setting this option will disable the browser cache during the recording. This option is very important as cached objects are not recorded. This option is checked by default.
  • Record Cookies - This option enables you to record cookies that are used as part of the recorded traffic. The value of the recorded cookies will be used as the default value for the cookie manager that will be added to the script. This option is unchecked by default.

FollowMe Instructions

  1. Once installed, click the BlazeMeter icon on your chrome browser.
  2. If your browser isn’t logged into your BlazeMeter account, click Login. If you don’t have an account, simply register for a free BlazeMeter account
  3. Move the slider from Record to Follow Me.
  4. Give your test a name.
  5. Set the number of concurrent users you’d like to be followed by. The maximum number of concurrent users available depends on your BlazeMeter plan.
  6. Choose the origin of your simulated users.
  7. Choose the user agent. You can select any mobile or web agent.
  8. Insert the domain name you’d like to follow. FollowMe will follow only one domain
  9. Click the play button and the magic begins! It takes around two minutes until the load engines start running. When in standby mode, the BlazeMeter icon will blink. When recording, it will turn red.
  10. Once ready, just start browsing. And check it out - you’re being followed by a virtual crowd!
  11. You can adjust the number of followers on the fly. You can also pause and resume your test at will.
  12. Once you’ve finished browsing, click stop.
  13. Your reports are ready. Simply click the ‘View Reports’ button.
  14. If needed, you can export a JMeter .jmx file of the test you've just ran. Just click the ‘export jmx’ button.

Once the test is started, you'll be able to view the test and results from your BlazeMeter account.

You can stop the test from the Plugin window or from your BlazeMeter account.

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