Upload your own JMeter script

BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with JMeter tool, so you can directly use your own JMeter script in BlazeMeter and run tests in the cloud.

You can upload A JMeter script using the upload panel as shown in the image below. You can upload multiple files that are required while executing JMeter tests such as JMeter script(.jmx file), Data file(.CSV), Custom files(.JAR), Properties files(.properties), etc.

Note: File names should only include alphanumeric characters, underscores, dot, or hyphens(No spaces in the file name): [0-9][aA-zZ][_.-]

You will not be able to upload and test any JMeter files that contain non-ASCII characters, as these characters are not supported in BlazeMeter. Please ensure all non-ASCII characters are removed before uploading your JMeter script.

Want to learn more about running BlazeMeter tests? Watch our on-demand recording, How to Make JMeter Highly Scalable and More Collaborative With BlazeMeter

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