BlazeMeter's integration with DynaTrace APM

DynaTrace is an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to analyze performance of application servers, database servers, and web services.

With BlazeMeter you can create an anonymous integration with DynaTrace, or integrate your BlazeMeter tests with a DynaTrace Profile. In both cases, you set up a BlazeMeter test that sends requests to your monitored servers, and the monitoring KPIs will be immediately available to you in your DynaTrace app.

How to create an anonymous integration

Select the DynaTrace APM option in your BlazeMeter Test Configuration page.Check the option to 'Integrate DynaTrace using HTTP headers'.When you execute this test, Blazemeter will add a header line to the JMX of the test which will enable DynaTrace's agent to identify the load test and present the requests received from Blazemeter in a specific format, showing the request's labels, Thread number, Response Code etc. 

  • You will be able to view these results in DynaTrace by Opening the 'Start Center'. 
  • Select 'Analyze Performance' and then 'Analyze Load Test Results'.

How to integrate BlazeMeter with my DynaTrace Profiles

Select the DynaTrace APM option in your BlazeMeter Test Configuration page.Check the option to 'Integrate using specific DynaTrace profile'.

  • You can create a new profile (In BlazeMeter - NOT a DynaTrace system profile) and give it a name in the 'Profile Name' field. The profile will basically be used as a preset for your future test runs.
  • Enter your DynaTrace UserID and password in the relevant fields.
  • DynaTrace Server URL - this refers to the DynaTrace Server which collects the results from the agents. You can use a URL or IP, e.g
  • DynaTrace System Profile - This will be the system profile used in your DynaTrace account. You will find it under your System Profiles list in DynaTrace.

That's it! Your test is now integrated with DynaTrace.

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