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BlazeMeter Chrome extension enables you to - Record. Browse. Upload. Run.
That's how simple it is to create a test with BlazeMeter's Google Chrome extension.
The extension records all of the HTTP/S requests that your browser makes, creates a JMeter script, and automatically uploads it to BlazeMeter, where you can execute it with a single click. 

No need to install JMeter to record or run a performance test, the Chrome extension will create the JMeter script automatically.

If you do have JMeter installed, you can convert your recording into a JMX file and use it on your local computer.

BlazeMeter's Google Chrome Extension includes 2 main features:
Google Chrome Extension - Record
Google Chrome Extension - FollowMe

Download the Blazemeter Chrome Extension



Q. Do I need to pay to use the extension?

A. The BlazeMeter Chrome extension is free to use for as long as you like.


Q. I can't access the Google WebStore. Can i install BlazeMeter Chrome Extension manually?

A. Sure, just download the CRX file attached to this article (find below) and drag it to Chrome's Extensions section.
Refer to this manual for step-by-step guide.


Q. Why does the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension ask for the following permissions 
     - "Read and change all your data on the website that you visit"
     - "Display notifications"


"Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit"
In order to be able to record the traffic from websites that you visit our Chrome extension needs to be able to have read access on the websites that you visit.
More specifically we use this URL matches in permissions:

Which give our extension ability to listen for any http:// or https:// traffic on websites that you visit. However we use it for read-only purposes we never modify your traffic.
Additionally in BlazeMeter extension v2.6.1 we introduced focused tab recording, meaning extension will now record only traffic from a tab that you are currently viewing instead of recording from all tabs
which in some cases lead to recording a background traffic from inactive tab. Due to that we had to introduce new permission: tabs which retriggered “Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit”:
warning when extension got auto updated.

"Display notifications"
Since creating or starting a test on BlazeMeter can take couple of minutes we use notification to display when a test is ready.

What you should do
To continue using BlazeMeter, re-enable the BlazeMeter extension. To do this click the orange exclamation point in the Chrome toolbar and choose "BlazeMeter | The Load Testing Cloud" requires new permissions.
Click Accept permissions.


Q. Do I need a BlazeMeter account to use the extension?
A. A BlazeMeter account is required to convert the recording into a JMeter script (.jmx) file as this process is done on the server side. Any BlazeMeter account will work (free or paid). Signing up to BlazeMeter is super fast and doesn't require any sort of commitment or credit card.


Q. How does the recorded script handle cookies?
A. The script will use cookie values from the original recording, though any new cookies values passed back by the server will override the values used in the original recording. You can disable this behaviour altogether in the advance settings. 

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