Split CSV

If you run a multi engine test and you wish to use a single CSV file which will be used for all the engines without creating duplicate values, simply use the 'split CSV' option.

For example: you run a 1000 concurrent users test, on 5 engines. You have uploaded a CSV file containing 1000 unique user names to simulate a registration scenario. Press 'Split CSV' in the test configuration page, and when the test is initiating the CSV file will be split 5 ways and directed to a different engine.

conditions have to be met in order to successfully use the 'Split CSV' feature:

1. The data set file MUST be a CSV file, e.g a TXT file won't be split.

2. The variable names have to be specified in the respective field in the 'CSV Data set config' element, rather than in the first line of the CSV file.

3. The 'Split data file CSV' checkbox have to be checked.

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