Adding Users Dynamically

Adding users dynamically is valuable in Multi-Test runs which assess the target server's limits. While running a load test, you might notice that the target servers are handling the load quite well. As an alternative to shutting down and starting a new test with a different configuration, you can simply add additional tests to your active Multi Test on the fly, adding more users/load. Once a test is added to the Multi Test, its results will be aggregated with the rest of the Multi Test's results, forming a big picture analysis.

You can add any test while the Multi Test is running by simply starting the single test, and select the option to add it to the Multi Test.

How to Add Tests Dynamically

Step 1

Create a Multi Test and run it.

Step 2

If you believe you could use some more load, or simply want to add another scenario to the Multi Test, select and run that test as usual, by clicking on the 'Play' button.

In the example above, the Multi Test is running 2 sessions - Test no. 1 and Test no. 2. You can see the green dots which indicate they are active.

Step 3

In the pop up box, you will see an option to 'Run this test as part of a master session,' in which you can choose to run it as a single standalone test, or as part of any Multi Test that is currently active.
If you choose the Multi Test option, then right after the new test will finish its startup stage, its results will be aggregated together with the overall results of the Multi Test.
In the report shown below, notice the moment in which a new test was added to the load.Notice that now the test 'Test no. 3' is also active, and in the Multi Test's 'Test Configuration' all 3 sessions are specified, including the recently added session.

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