Test History - KPI Trends

The 'Test History' screen allows you to select a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and view the trends of this KPI from all of your test runs.

You can view tests before they start running or once they've already started to generate results. Here's how: 

Viewing Tests Before They've Started Running

If you're viewing a test which hasn't started running yet, you'll need to go to 'Configuration Highlights'. Here you'll be able to see the main configuration of the test and how far along it is in the test creation process.


Viewing Tests After They've Generated Results 

This is where it gets interesting! When you're on a test that has already run and generated results at least once, you'll see links to all your recent reports under the tab: 'Last Completed Test'.

Viewing Trends by KPIs

Now you can view the trends of these test runs according to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you select. 

On the right side of the screen, you can already see a trend graph of the Average Response Time from all recent reports. However, you can view the trends of many more KPIs, such as: Errors, Average Hits, Average Latency, Test Duration, and more! To do this, just click the gear icon and select the relevant KPIs from the drop down list. 


You'll then be able to view graphs showing the trends of the KPI that you selected. 

Notice that if you press a data-point in the KPI graph it would take you directly to the relevant report.
That's it! Now just go to your tests to see it in action. 

A Quick Note About Test Configurations

If you also want to view the test's configuration, simply click on the 'Test Configuration' tab next to the 'Test History' tab (learn more about the 'Test Configuration' page here). 

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