Dedicated IPs

Sometimes you need to connect from behind the corporate firewall. In such cases, you need the JMeter Engines to have dedicated (static) IPs. This is why we've made it possible for you to assign dedicated IPs to the JMeter engines. Each IP address belongs to a specific region (e.g. US, EU, AP).

Purchase dedicated IP addresses

One IP address costs $25 USD per month and is available only to monthly subscribers. 

  • Each IP address is valid for one month from the date of issue
  • Static IP address allocation takes 24 hours
  • Sets of multiple IP addresses can be selected in the 'Quantity' field
  • IP address subscriptions recur automatically. Drop us a note to stop them at any time 
  • Dedicated IP allocation is available for accounts with a Basic or higher plan

We recommend that you purchase one IP address for every engine on your plan and purchase an extra one for the console


0 engines (console only) = 1 IP.

5 engines plan = 6 IPs.

10 engines plan = 11 IPs.

20 engine plan = 22 IPs (or more, depending on how many consoles are needed). 

In order to purchase Dedicated IPs, please contact your BlazeMeter account manager or send an email to 

What is the dedicated IP activation process?

PLEASE NOTE: The activation process does not run automatically upon purchase. Immediately after purchasing your dedicated IPs, please send an Email to:, including the following essential details:

  1. Account's associated Email address
  2. The region(s) you want and how many IP addresses should be allocated to each region (e.g. 3 IPs at Oregon, 2 IPs at Sydney and 1 IP in Sao Paulo).
  3. Order confirmation number (or just forward the online receipt).

Available Regions Include:

  • US East > Virginia, Ohio.
  • US West > California, Oregon.
  • Canada (Central).
  • EU West > Ireland, London
  • EU East > Frankfurt
  • Japan (Tokyo).
  • Asia > Singapore, Seoul, Mumbai.
  • Australia (Sydney).
  • South America (Sao Paulo).

Once we receive the information, we require up to 24 hours to set up your IP addresses.

You will then receive an email confirmation with the IP addresses. When your IPs are available, you'll be able to see them by clicking on the settings drop down in the top-right corner of the BlazeMeter screen. 'My Settings' -> 'Dedicated IPs'.

Use the Dedicated IPs

Your IP addresses are available for you anytime you run a test in the region that you've purchased.

* It is important that each server in the test has an IP address. For example: if you're only using the console, you only need one IP address. If you're using one console and three engines, you'll need four IP addresses. If you don't have enough dedicated IPs, the test won't start. 


1. Add a new test or regularly configure an existing one.

2. Select 'Use Dedicated IPs' after choosing your test's location.

3. The number of IP addresses should be the same as the number of servers used in the test (including the console). 

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