New Relic Insights Setup

This is a brief guide for implementing the New Relic Insights integration when configuring a test.

Fill out the fields :

  • Credential name - A name to represent the NewRelic insight account (in case you have multiple accounts).
  • Account ID - Enter the account ID created previously at your NewRelic Insight account
  • Key - Enter the Insights Key created previously at your NewRelic Insight account
  1. Go to your New Relic Insights.
  1. look at the bottom-left corner and click manage data.

  1. Go to the API Keys tab and click on the + button near insert keys

This will create a new key to be used by BlazeMeter.

Write down the account ID and the Key as we will use them later on.

Go to your BlazeMeter 'Jmeter Test' Configuration page.

Click on the 'New Relic Insights' option.

Insert your insights credentials that you retrieved earlier, and then click on the + button

After clicking on the '+' button, you should see your credentials entered as follows:

Click the Apply Button to save the changes.

This is it - enjoy your NewRelic Insight integration :)

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