New Relic APM

Now, through BlazeMeter’s integration with New Relic, developers can easily monitor their application performance levels while load testing it. Developers can evaluate the end-user experience and the application system KPIs using a single dashboard.

To setup Blazemeter New Relic Integration

  1. First things first, If you do not have a New Relic account, you can sign up for an account at , no problem!
  2. Please, notice that you will have to own a 'Pro' New Relic subscription or above for the BlazeMeter integration to work properly.
  3. Login to New Relic and copy your New Relic 'API key' from your New Relic account. Your New Relic 'API key' can be found in your New Relic account under: Account Settings -> Integrations -> API Keys.  Copy your New Relic API Key. (If you can't see a key, click on 'Show key'.
  4. Login to Blazemeter and browse to New Relic section under the ‘add test’ page, under the section ‘New Relic APM’.
  5. Paste your New Relic data sharing API Key into the relevant field and also give it a title/name for future reference. Then click on Next. 

New Relic KPI selection

The key performance indicators will be appearing automatically according to your New Relic profile settings. Choose the Entity type you wish to test, The Entity, and select the KPIs. 

Enter a new Profile name. A profile is basically a preset will be kept for your following tests, so you will not have to choose all the different metrics every time you run a test. The profile name is marked in the example below. The profile's details are specified below.

That’s it! Click 'Save Profile' and then 'Apply' now your application monitoring data will appear in the BlazeMeter dashboard as soon as you run your load test.

View New Relic KPI in Report

You will be able to view your application monitoring data alongside your user-experience and performance data, and of course this data is accessible for you even AFTER the test has ended.

With BlazeMeter, you can always access past tests data, compare between past results or even compare past results to real time results.

With the New Relic Integration, you can now diagnose performance related problem, apply a fix and start the cycle all over again.

Want to learn more about APM integrations and BlazeMeter? You'll want to view our on-demand recording, Load Test Like a Pro


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