Query Test Execution Status


This API lets you query the current status of a model-level execution and see the current execution status of each test within an API model.


Request Parameters

Parameter Description
testExecutionId The test execution ID that was generated after triggering the test execution for an API Test Maker model.
detailMode This is an optional field that is passed as "true" to retrieve the execution status and the summary of the execution if the tests are complete in the BlazeMeter test engine.


curl -i GET <http/https>://<host>/api/v1/testSummary/<testExecutionId> --user 'id:secret'


The following example shows the call with the detailMode field included.

curl -i GET <http/https>://<host>/api/v1/testSummary/<testExecutionId>?detailMode=true --user 'id:secret'

Example Response

"result": {
"id": "59ce96525a7b435038f51d23",
"modelId": "59ce95ca5a7b434a1f1ab965",
"host": "",
"port": null,
"baseURI": "/v1.2",
"createdDate": null,
"executionDetails": [
"masterId": "5464",
"testId": 19166,
"url": "/flights/inspiration-search",
"method": "GET",
"resourceId": "59ce95ca5a7b434a1f1ab962",
"status": "ENDED",
"summary": {
"totalRequests": "294",
"passed": "22",
"failed": "272"
"reportUrl": ""
"error": null,
"api_version": 4
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