Chrome Extension - Changelog

BlazeMeter 2.6.1, 2017-08-16

- Mixpanel tracking

- Filter out recording only to focused tab

- Add chrome extension version in JSON

- Fixed bug in editor page where JSON didn't return same result as JSON sent to converter

- Visually mark error in Include filter pattern.


BlazeMeter 2.6.0, 2017-07-19

- Introduced support for BlazeMeter’s account entity feature: Ability to select where to save your tests (Account/Workspace/Project)

- Revamped design for Options page

- Removed Advanced Options and added Recording and Test Options

- Updated API: Now using v4 of BlazeMeter API instead of v2

- Optimize jQuery UI with build of selected components

- Replaced jQuery.tipsy library with jQuery UI tooltips

- Replaced jQuery UI autocomplete with jQuery.autocomplete library due to white space bug in Chrome extension popup:

- Fixed bug in Taurus export where name and concurrency where hardcoded instead of being taken from extension settings


BlazeMeter 2.5.2, 2017-06-12

- Change converter's default domain to


BlazeMeter 2.5.1, 2017-04-25

- Measure Chrome extension version and BlazeMeter/Dynatrace users as GA dimension


BlazeMeter 2.5.0, 2017-04-03

- Replaced select lists with Chosen (

- Replaced User Agent list with newer list with much more options (

- Updated to jQuery 3.1.1

- Updated to jQuery UI 1.12.1

- Updated to JSONEditor 5.5.11

- Added GoogleAnalytics for tracking error events and exceptions

- Rewrote CSS for Editor page

- Added regex validation on Include Filter Pattern based on Chrome match patterns

- Added UnitTests using Tape and Browserify

- Use v2 instead of "latest" BlazeMeter API

- Fixed incognito mode issues

- Switched all variables to use instead of localStorage

- Enabled storage.sync meaning if you user opens extension on another PC with same Chrome credentials they will get their settings.

- ESLint coding standards

- Replaced DOM functions with jQuery


BlazeMeter 2.4.2, 2017-03-20

- Fixed export JMX in incognito mode

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