What files and functions are supported by the Script Converter?

The Script Converter can convert LoadRunner HTTP to JMeter and LoadRunner TruClient to Selenium in a short time. In addition, you can convert to Taurus and BlazeMeter.

In this article, we provide a list of the supported data and script files, along with a list of supported of LR TruClient and HTTP functions for the converter.


All the files of data inputs (*.DAT files) will be migrated to *.CSV files

TruClient functions

These functions of TruClient are currently supported

  • Navigate
  • Click
  • Verify
  • Type
  • Select
  • Evaluate JavaScript
  • "If", "If2" (same implementation)
  • For
  • "Mouse Over", "internal", "Mouse Up", "Mouse Down" (All ignored due to many occurrences in recording.)

HTTP Supported Functions

These functions are currently partial or fully supported

  • lr_start_transaction
  • lr_end_transaction
  • web_url
  • web_submit_form
  • web_submit_data
  • web_cache_cleanup
  • web_cleanup_cookies
  • web_add_header
  • web_add_auto_header
  • web_add_cookie
  • web_concurrent_start
  • web_custom_request
  • "return", "web_concurrent_end", "web_set_max_html_param_len" (all same implementation)
  • web_rest
  • web_reg_find
  • web_get_int_property
  • lr_think_time (Only implemented when user passes int)
  • if
  • for
  • while
  • web_reg_save_param
  • web_reg_save_param_regexp
  • web_revert_auto_header
  • web_set_sockets_option
  • web_set_certificate_ex
  • lr_save_string
  • lr_exit
  • bz_comment
  • body
  • addDynaTraceHeader
  • web_save_timestamp_param
  • web_add_filter
  • web_add_auto_filter
  • lr_output_message
  • lr_vuser_status_message
  • sprintf
  • lr_error_message
  • web_reg_save_param_ex
  • lr_log_message
  • lr_save_timestamp

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