How to Regenerate AUTH_TOKEN

If you are seeing an error similar to the below, then you may need to regenerate your AUTH_TOKEN:

2017-07-19 03:14:46,208 request ERROR /home/blazemeter/agent/ Request failed with status code: 404
2017-07-19 03:14:46,209 request ERROR /home/blazemeter/agent/ Sleeping for 300
2017-07-19 03:19:46,309 verification ERROR /home/blazemeter/agent/ No such ship, harbor_id: 58476e91a6ff991c74a09fd5, ship_id: 58856c8c32c8a369117b23c8
2017-07-19 03:19:46,310 retry_decorator WARNING /home/blazemeter/virtualenv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/retry/ , retrying in 10 seconds...

The following steps will detail how to regenerate your AUTH_TOKEN:

  1.  Use the following command to regenerate your AUTH_TOKEN:
    curl -X GET<harborId>/ships/<shipId>/getAuthToken -u 'id:secret'
    You will see a response that looks like the following:
    "api_version": 4,
    "error": null,
    "result": "9e55abd91f4c7e5ac58fb5432d983fe695925894c728349f7e9c0cb43fe0d48f"
  2. Grab the "result" value, and use the steps shown in this article to replace the old "AUTH_TOKEN" value with the new one created above in your config.json file.
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