Functional API Testing with BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter offers two different ways for creating Functional API Tests.


Reuse an Existing BlazeMeter Load Test

When to use?

If you already have existing tests in BlazeMeter you can simply reuse them. This gives you the possibility to run a user scenario/business case as a functional API test.

How does it work?

Just click the "Run as Functional API Test" checkbox on the test configuration page before you run the test. You can also access this parameter via our API by setting the functional execution parameter in your request.

Hint: If you're running a JMeter test then make sure you defined assertions.

For more details click here.

Auto-generate Tests from an API Specification With the API Test Maker

When to use?

If you want to quickly cover all of the endpoints of your API with individual tests that are independent of each other then use API Test Maker. If you already have a Swagger file it will save you extra time. (Don't know Swagger? Find more info about Swagger here)

How does it work?

First, set up the API Model by either simply importing a Swagger file or manually adding endpoint/verb combinations. For more details on how to do that, click here.

To run a simple test all you need to do is generate tests from the model and run them. For more details on how to do that click here.

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