Overcoming Container Storage Limitation on CentOS 7.2

In CentOS 7.2 there is a default limitation on the docker container storage of 10Gb.

As the BlazeMeter image is 4Gb, when the sample.jtl reaches 6Gb, no more free storage will be left in the container - as there will be no more free storage, JMeter wouldn't be able to continue writing samples to the sample.jtl and that can cause the report to be 'stuck'.


The solution is the following:

Please run the next set of commands in all of your CentOS 7.2 machines:

sudo systemctl stop docker

sudo docker daemon --storage-opt dm.basesize=30G &

sudo docker info  | grep -i base


These commands will change the storage limitation in the container to 30Gb and after that the test should run fine.

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