Getting Started with the API Test Maker

Today's development organizations face a number of new challenges that raise the importance of APIs across the entire software development life cycle.

  • Applications interact more and more through APIs. It is becoming increasingly true that the application is the API. 
  • Agile development teams are working hard to shift testing left by starting the API and back-end system request and response testing before the development of user interfaces. Often, API testing is implemented as a definition of done within a sprint.
  • Quality Assurance teams are shifting to API testing because API tests are easier to automate and less brittle than traditional GUI functionality testing.
  • Automation is the key to Agile testing and lets Agile and QA teams cover more of the product with less cost. As organizations strive to release their software faster and more frequently, they need to automate as much of the development process as possible, including testing.

Comprehensive automated API testing is critical to the success of your organization. The problem is that Agile teams have limited time to create the proper tests, and it can be difficult to complete the necessary API tests within a given sprint. Often, the team creates only one test for an API to validate that it responds as expected. There isn't time for multiple types of tests for both positive and negative flows, edge cases, or accessibility and authentication tests.

API Test Maker speeds up the process of creating API tests by automatically generating API tests directly from common API definitions, such as Swagger. In other words, it provides a way to create a complete set of test cases for your API in about the same time that it takes to create that single validation test. You can also build on the automatically generated tests by manually creating additional tests for more challenging workflows and scenarios that are not covered by the auto-generated tests. Simplifying the process of creating comprehensive automated tests helps to accelerate the speed of your development life cycle while ensuring the quality of your application and reducing the risk of releasing untested APIs to production.

API Test Maker also increases collaboration by enabling developers and testers to collaborate on the design and development of API tests. Together, they can create single, shared API behavior and acceptance criteria definitions that can generate tests and virtual APIs. You can reuse these API tests across functional and performance testing use cases and your continuous integration builds. You can also link individual API tests together to test entire business processes without relying on the user interface.

Overview Video

The following video provides a brief introduction to some of the basic features within API Test Maker.

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