GET 'Scheduled tests' History


The Get 'Scheduled test' history BlazeMeter API enables you to get a list of all scheduled tests and 'Multi Tests' that already ran. This API includes parameters to identify the test, Multi test, Project or Workspace, making it extremely useful for keeping up with your testing schedule history.


Request Headers

Parameter Description
x-api-key Identifies the user ( --user 'id:secret' ). How to get the API Key?
Content-Type application/json

Request Query Parameters

Parameter Description


How to get the Test ID?
skip (Not mandatory) Skip the first X scheduled tests. Default value is 0
limit (Not mandatory) Limit the response to X scheduled tests. Default value is 10
fromDate (Not mandatory) Get history from this date forward
toDate (Not mandatory) Get history from this date backwards


curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" --user 'id:secret'


import requests

querystring = {"testId":"<testId>"}

def getScheduledHistory():
    return requests.get('', params=querystring, auth=('id','secret'))
res = getScheduledHistory() 
print res.json()

Example Response

  "limit": 10,
  "skip": 0,
  "total": 1,
  "api_version": 4,
  "error": null,
  "result": [
      "id": "58b6e7cd8f6d876e768b4567",
      "runAt": 1488381902,
      "success": true,
      "name": "DEMOTEST",
      "scheduleId": "58b6e5f9b3c45353577b23c8",
      "scheduleType": "testRun",
      "scheduleCronExpression": "25 * * * *",
      "projectId": 161426,
      "workspaceId": 117998,
      "accountId": 124623,
      "testId":  341756 ,
      "masterId": 159916437,
      "created": 1488381901,
      "updated": 1488381902

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