Creating Workspace Alerts

When managing your tests in a BlazeMeter Workspace, you may want notifications when a considerably large test (above your normal requirements) is launched or generated. Workspace Alerts make it easy to generate an e-mail or Slack notification when a member of your workspace performs such an action.

If you want to publish all test activity regardless of test size or duration, that's an option too.

Here are the steps to configure this feature,

  1. Access your 'Settings' page, expand the desired Workspace, and click on 'Alerts'.
  2. Click the '+' as per image above.
  3. A new window will be displayed, and fill out the desired criteria.Screen_Shot_2017-03-30_at_3.47.26_PM.png   slack-icon-10.pngWant to post alerts to Slack? See the Slack Webhook Tips below.
  4. When done, click the 'Create alert' button to save these settings.
  5. Next, your alert will appear under the 'Alerts' section.  

  6. Then, use the 'Validate' option to confirm the new alert works as intended. This action will send a notification to the email address and/or Slack Webhook URL you have entered above.
  7. Tip: If you want an email or Slack to be notified of all BlazeMeter activity in this Workspace, create an alert with duration set to "0" and concurrency set to "0" and all event boxes checked. 

That's it! You have now successfully set up an Alert!

Slack WebHook URL Tips:

  1. For information on how to setup a Slack Webhook URL please refer to this Slack doc. 
  2. Be sure to give your webhook a meaningful name and icon when creating the Webhook URL in Slack. You can do this in the "Customize Name" and "Customize Icon" fields in the Slack Incoming Webhooks configuration screen. The default name is "Incoming Webhook" but "BlazeMeter Activity" or the like would be better.
    The default icon looks like this,  
    but the BlazeMeter icon will be easier to spot: 
  3. Prefer Slack and no emails? Be sure to clear the Email address field above before saving.
  4. Since you can create multiple alert configurations and separate webhooks (each with their own name, icon and channel destination), consider having one alert that publishes all "BlazeMeter Activity" and another that alerts when a "BlazeMeter Large Test" is created or run.
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